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    WebAccess 2+ Transitions Website
    Created to Help WebAccess Users Transition to WebAccess 2

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    Dear WebAccess Users,
    Welcome to the WebAccess 2+ Transitions Website   Beginning this spring 2014, the district will officially switch to WebAccess 2. At that time, WebAccess 1.9 will no longer be available. This site has been created to help existing WebAccess users prepare to teach this spring using WebAccess 2.*

    Here you'll find resources to be used with your new WebAccess 2 sandbox. Feel free to view and/or print the files you need to backup and restore your previous course/materials to your new sandbox and transition to WebAccess 2.

    For printable instructions highlighting key changes to the WebAccess activities you use, click this link:

    For third-party resources explaining some great new features, try these links:

    Joule 2 Manuals  **Great resource!**


    Need more help? 
    For course design and content support, contact the DE Coordinators and Instructional Designers at your campus:

    For all other questions, contact WebAccess Support


    Special thanks to Jasmine Witham, Chris Smith and everyone on the Moodle taskforce for making this transition possible.

    Coordinator, Distance Education/
    Instructional Design - SMCCCD

    * Faculty new to WebAccess should contact their campus DE staff for introductory help. Those interested in learning to teach online, who have not previously completed STOT I or II, may apply for STOT I Training through their dean.